Today is National Compliment Day! Honestly, there shouldn’t be a specific day to give compliments to someone; you should give compliments to whoever you feel like whenever you feel like it. But a day specifically for compliments is nice too. We’ve come up with some tips on how you can compliment your friends, family and co-workers today (and all days)

Be Authentic:

According to Diane Gottsman, an etiquette expert, “Giving random compliments that can be easily transferred, such as ‘you’ve got great hair,’ will come across as superficial unless there is something really outstanding about the particular observation. A compliment must be authentic, delivered in a meaningful tone of voice, using a genuine smile, and seem and feel believable.”

Praise Personal Qualities:

Don’t just give them a regular compliment — tailor it to the person themselves! People love to feel appreciated and will love it even more if you praise their personal qualities rather than the talents they worked on.

Be specific:

Check out this advice from a Refinery29 article about specific compliments

“Empathy is the operative skill in giving a compliment,” Lundquist says. “Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.” Whatever you’re choosing to praise, chances are it fits into the rest of your recipient’s life, so acknowledge that in your compliment. Point out the effort they put in or challenges they faced, he says. For example: “That client was really pissed, and you totally helped her come around and feel taken care of.”

Showing that their hard work didn’t go unnoticed will put your compliment in context and give it even more substance.

Deliver it with no agenda:

Make sure your compliment has no ulterior motive behind it. The right compliment has no other motivation besides being kind. It is sincere, respectful and you don’t benefit from it.

Here are some examples of compliments you can use!

Try one out today in honor of National Compliment Day!

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