Being the girl I am, I have a love for all things brunch. I love breakfast, so much so that it’s embarrassing. I have said, out loud, “Oh my God, I think I spent over eighty dollars on brunch this weekend.” and was completely serious. So let me tell you, when I came to Arizona, it was my mission to find the best brunch places. And now I pass my knowledge onto you all. Brunch it up, guys and gals.


Listen, this was one of the first places we went to brunch at so of course it’s first on my list. I got these potatoes and eggs and it came plated in such a way, that of course I had to Instagram it and tweet out a picture of my food so everyone else could be jealous. And they were, but I had finished my meal before they could comment on it. One of the things that’s great about Snooze (besides the food, duh) is the color blocking. It’s so bright and fun that walking into the restaurant wakes you up before you get your coffee.

The Breakfast Club:

Ah, okay so I was raised on John Hughes movies and classic rock so The Breakfast Club caught my eye almost immediately. I just wanted to go in simply to say “Yeah, man, I’m a part of the Breakfast Club.” and while my dad was in town, I dragged him to the restaurant. I’m a sucker for breakfast sandwiches. Seriously, the way to my heart is with well made breakfast sandwiches. So I got this grilled cheese crossover with a breakfast sandwich creation and it was AHHHHHHMAHHHHZING. Seriously, the cheese melted out of the bread and there was so much going on inside the sandwich, I wanted to order one to go just so I could eat it again.

The Good Egg

For some reason, I thought I knew this place from somewhere. Like I thought a famous person went to the Good Egg and that’s why I knew it, but I still don’t know where I know if from. I do know that it has some really great food. I’ve been on an avocado fix so I got an omelette with avocado. I always judge a place by their home fries and the Good Egg had some pretty Grade A home fries. It’s a great place to wake up in the morning after a long night out on the town.

U.S. Egg

If you’re looking for a classic breakfast restaurant, then U.S. Egg is the place to go. It reminded me of IHop, but with eggs instead of pancakes. International House of Eggs, to be completely honest. That being said, it is very homey. You see a lot of families in there and it’s a popping place for Sunday mornings. Also, DELICIOUS. I got an omelette with avocados and chicken in it so I was convincing myself that the massive omelette was healthy. (It totally was, right?)

Any of these places would make for a great Saturday or Sunday brunch. Or just go to all of them in one weekend. Totally fine. Anyway, my mouth is watering because I just wrote about all these delicious brunch places and now I’m hungry. Maybe I’ll see you at the Breakfast Club.

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