We can all relate to a time in our lives where were the new kid in town. The excitement of moving to a new city can easily be drowned out by the simple state of loneliness. The search for new friends and finding cool activities in your new digs can be a stressful one. I am about to give you an inside look of a particular biking community in Tempe who are eagerly waiting for YOU to join them on their weekly adventures!


TIP: Tuesday Inclusive Pedaling is a group of rad individuals who gather together for the sole purpose of enjoying the thrill of biking with friends. This social meet up is more than just a Tuesday night hang out, but rather an awesome way to meet your neighbors, and cruise around the Tempe area. Friendships made from TIP rides have triggered collaborative volunteer opportunity’s from feeding the homeless during the holidays, sparking advocacy for awareness of bike safety and alternative transportation. Because they just cant get enough of each other, they meet up for other social gatherings at Papago Park on a Friday night once a month and Sunday mornings coffee meet ups once a month. It’s pretty much good times all around.

The set up for Tuesday night rides are pretty cool, because it’s not one or two people dictating the scheduled ride, but rather folks volunteer to come up with a route and a final destination hang out. Communication is done via a Facebook Group page where a photo of the route is posted, so you are aware of where you will be exploring, and the theme of the ride. You are probably thinking right about now that one must need a fancy fast Fixie bike to take part in these adventures, but seriously you don’t. Any bike will do: beach cruiser, unicycle, mountain bike, tricycle, seriously, whatever bike you own works. I have gone on a ride or two with my bright bubble gum pink beach cruiser and kept up just fine.


TIP takes biking and friendship to a whole different level. You will never feel like an outsider on these rides. There is never a dull moment. Be aware TIP rides are contagious. So if you are new in town or are looking for something to do on a Tuesday night, come join in on the fun of the TIP rides. For more information visit their Facebook page:


In addition to checking out the TIP Facebook page, check out these other sites for more information on our local biking community:


Photos via TIP: Tuesday Inclusive Pedaling Facebook page

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