19 isn’t just a number you should associate with Covid. Face masks aren’t going anywhere. They are now a way of life, so you might as well start investing in styles you love. Here is a list of 19 companies, national and local, where you can build up your mask wardrobe.

Finding the right masks to wear with your favorite outfits has never been easier…it’s like everything else in life if you have tools or accessories that make you excited you’ll be more likely to use them! Wearing a mask doesn’t have to be a struggle thanks to these 19 masks that you’ll actually want to wear! 

19 Masks You’ll Actually Want To Wear

We’re going to start with some artists here in Phoenix and the surrounding areas who are  making and selling masks! If you want to shop local and find your new favorite masks you’ll want to check these designs and their creators out! 


Kyllan Maney

The designs that Kyllann Maney is making are available here. An art teacher who uses proceeds to make masks for students, Maney is working hard to help make mask wearing the new normal! 


Hector Primero

Primero is a photographer who often shoots historical buildings in Phoenix, these designs are very architectural in nature and made with things like leather and denim! Check out what is available here


Irma Sanchez

Is using her mask making to support social justice movements. Now your mask game can support and raise awareness for all the many causes that are close to your heart. Check out what is available here


Ivana Kat

Ivana Kat started making masks through a local craft store program but wanted to make sure her designs were different! They focus on a cool design that looks like one thing but is something else entirely when opened up and worn! Check out her masks for sale here


Janet Towbin

Towbin is an artist who makes masks that depict many of the designs and prints that were created prior to our mask needs. Check out the designs and buy a wearable piece of art here


Carrie Marill

Marill’s murals dot Phoenix and you might have even seen a few! She has masks available for both kids and adults and her designs can be worn over the head so you don’t have any ear strain! Check them all out here


Kate Benjamin

The masks that Kate is making are awesome. They have filter pockets, nose wires, and adjustable ear loops…they’re also super cute and stylish fashion masks. Now you can buy some masks that are effective and adorable! 

Jen Urso

Urso is an artist who makes all kinds of designs and work that builds upon itself. You’ll want to check out the masks available for both kids and adults, see them here


Tara Logsdon

If you are looking for a one of a kind face mask that is also environmentally conscious and desert themed you should look no further! Logsdon’s designs are doing it all and you can shop them here


Stacey Gordon

Gordon’s masks are made to order. You get to choose your fabric, ear loop style, and nose pieces. She has tons of great fabrics to choose from and you can see them all here


This Too Shall Pass

This mask is perfect for those who need a little emotional pick-me-up during all of this. It protects your body and your mind all in one adorable floral but minimal face mask. 


Hip / Tie Dye Designs

We all know that Covid has brought out the tie dye spirit in all of us. If you are looking for some stylish masks that are neutral colors while still sporting some tie dye vibes check out this cotton three pack


Yellow Non Medical Face Mask 

This awesome yellow tie dye face mask is cheap, adorable, and you can usually get one free with your purchase at Cult Gaia so head on over and do some shopping while also getting a great new mask! 


Smiling Face Mask

If you are someone who is usually fond of smiling at people who you pass in stores, on the street, etc. This black mask with the word “smiling” on the front is definitely for you. It’s also a little tongue in cheek…but no one will be able to see that either! 


Stylish Face Mask Head Loops

If you are someone who wants a stylish mask in a unique print but you are tired of having your ears hurt while wearing masks, this one’s for you. It’s a great mask made from Waraire past collection fabrics but the loops actually go around your head instead of over your ears! 


Skims Mask

You probably know Skims from their shapewear, underware, and lounge ware…now they’re also making seamless masks! They’re comfortable, simple, and available in a bunch of neutral shades. 


Set of 5 Facemasks

This set comes in a bunch of cute and fashionable fabrics but the real bonus here is that there’s five. That’s one for every day of the week. If you have to work outside of your home and need a mask to wear to school or work, this set gets you through the week so you can wash them with your regular laundry instead of doing them special each day to rewear! 


Simple White Cotton Facemasks

Looking for something that you can tie dye yourself OR something that is really simple and classic? These plain white cotton face masks from Nordstrom are just the ticket! They also have them in plain black, plain grey, and combo packs with half and half! 


Mindful Masks

Looking for a mask company that is giving back to charity with mask sales? Look no further! These adorable and chic Onzie masks are for a great cause and you can look good while being safe too! 

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